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Dear Sirs,

at request of Mrs. Margaret Lyson we herewith send you some information about our her person and our long-term cooperation with her.

We have been cooperating with Mrs. Lyson for more than 10 years. In this time she has been working for our representative in Poland as a sales manager in the field of textile components, accessories and spare parts.

Due to her long-term experience she bas a comprehending knowledge of the Polish textile branch and is thus able to perfectly analyze the situation in the Polish market and find solutions even for difficult problems concerning business with Polish companies and authorities. Due to her analytic qualities she is able to find prospective buyers for various textile products and to successfully drive back possible competitors. She has extensive experience in negotiating as well as the preparation of sale and purchase contracts. She is perfectly skilled in successfully loading sales negotiations and capable to foresee a potential client's requirements.

Mrs. Lyson has always proved to be a reliable, accurate and conscientious partner. She is open-minded and flexible. We have always been fully satisfied with our cooperation with her and so are pleased to give this reference for her.

During the past years of our cooperation we were able to increase our turnover in Poland substantially.


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