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Machinery is to be purchased

  1. Picanol or Somet looms of manufacturing years from 1990 and younger , ww 1,90 m, with electronic Staubli dobby, suitable for acrylic yarns and blends, at least 4 colours.
  2. Looms with jacquard electronic Staubli machines , 1344er hooks suitable for blankets , ww 1,90 m or 2,20 m, no. of col. 6-8
  3. Twisting machine Volkman VTS-06
  4. Autoconer Schlafchorst, spindles 10", length of bobbins 390 max 420 mm
  5. Warping machine with creel for acrylic yarns (flange diam.1000 mm)
  6. Twisting-spinning frame for fancy yarns till 160 tex
If you can sell such a type of machines please send technical details together with your trade offer (price,delivery time&terms) through this site or by fax 0048-42-6793206

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